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About M Haidar Hanif

Short highlights how Haidar went with his life.

Short highlights how Haidar went with his life.

About Me

πŸ‘‹ Hi there! I’m Haidar. Nice to meet you!

πŸ˜„ Mostly goes by as an Educator, Mentor, Developer, Designer, Consultant, and much more! And I’ve been doing this professionally since 2010.

😎 This is a short highlights how I got here. Starting around the 90s I was just learning stuffs.

🧊 Now helping people to become become better at what they do is my life and work mission.

Main Work

Currently I’m founding Bearmentor and Catamyst.

🐻 Bearmentor to help people to learn and grow as a web developer or software engineer with exciting experience.

🐱 Catamyst to help businesses to grow through web and software.

If you want to know more reach me out on Telegram.

Past Works

Previously I was…

🐲 Co-Founder and Lead Mentor of Impact Byte, a flexible coding bootcamp.

🦊 Senior Instructor of Hacktiv8, an intensive coding bootcamp.

πŸ’  Mentor and Content Creator at CodePolitan, a programming community and I was in charge of the Frontend Web Development bootcamp.

πŸŒ• Curriculum Contributor at RevoU, in charge of the Full Stack Software Engineering bootcamp curriculum.

🎨 Web Consultant at Super Duper Gallery, a physical IRL unique art gallery.

β›Ί Developer Relations Lead of Kontenbase, a backend as a service platform that simple and easy to use.

πŸͺ™ Contract Consultant of Qopnet, a B2B marketplace.

πŸ”₯ Teaching at Agnium, a software training agency.

πŸ”ˆ Coding at AMPlified, a startup incubator.

🍜 And working as a freelancer and consultant in several projects and places since 2010.

🍡 The story continues…